Hello, Tea & Jonny!

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ok google,

Down to the serious stuff...

My name is Rachel and I graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at UTS in December 2016. During my time at uni, I heard about the amazing work you do at Google Creative Lab through Tea at a lecture. I would be thrilled if you could kindly consider me for the role of one of the Creative 5 at Sydney's Google Creative Lab.

I love experimentation / improvisation. Never saying never when it comes to learning something new, I sincerely love a challenge and applying myself to all forms of creative culture. I have been involved with The Red Cross Society, TEDxTheRocksPechaKucha Sydney and Indieverse in a creative capacity where I have been no stranger to collaboration and team work.

Since graduating, I’ve spent the past year working as a Graphic Designer at UTS, as well as in freelance design projects creating general marketing collateral, illustrations, 360° VR facility stitches/animations, augmented reality through Zappar, videos and the occasional photography. You can see most of them here. Alternatively, below is a non-exhaustive project list:


Some bread and butter projects:

Compiled animations via my showreel

TEDxTheRocks : Rewired

Shake the Plate UI

Alcoholism Research Posters

Order of the Shelves


Other interesting projects I’ve worked on in the past:

UTS Data Arena Kataklyzein Exhibition Design

Arabian Nights 360° VR Immersive Experience



Presently in my spare time, I dance (incompetently), do sports, am a (dubious) foraging enthusiast... and often tinker with projects of whims and fancies that range between my geeky interests to “why the hell not?”. It's always a pleasure to be exploring new things. You can find some of the bits and bobs I've done on Et Cetera.

Fundamentally, I am truly happy when I am able to work on things with the potential to inspire... although I am also pretty happy to be left in a room with a pair of scissors, a pen and some paper. Speaking of which, I thought I'd show you a quick look at my creative lab in 360° below.




For the best perspective, don't forget to put on your Google Cardboard and watch in VR mode.


Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

- Rach